Here are a few links to things I appreciate.  I hope you are blessed by them just as much!

Marriage/Parenting:  This is an excellent website that has advice on raising children and having a happy home.  It’s been such a blessing to us as we raise our own children in godliness with love!

Social Issues:  This website contains graphic content.  However, just as the bystanders during the Halocaust were shown the bodies of the victims, I believe it is important for us to see the victims of today’s Halocaust.  This organization has awesome clothing they sell to raise awareness about abortion!  (My favorite slogan of theirs is: “Would it bother us more if they used guns?”)


Samaritan Ministries

Products We Use:

Berkey Water Filtration System – We bought a Royal Berkey about a year ago, and have loved every part of it!  Not only was the cost reasonable for such a big portion of our life, but the customer service was amazing.  They made sure every question was completely answered.  We are so happy now to have a water filter which we know removes the flouride, chlorine, and every other nasty thing from our pure water!


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