Why do I Have to Clean YOUR House?

My children are getting older, as evidenced very clearly yesterday at the breakfast table.  While discussing the plans of the day and the chores that would need to be completed in the morning, our 8-year-old son was given his tasks of cleaning the living room and office.  He immediately asked me, “Why do I have to clean your house?  It’s not my house, it’s yours.  You don’t have to clean my truck.”  Oh wow.  My sweet, compliant child who loves to do as he is asked has decided he doesn’t WANT to do it!

Perhaps I should make it very clear that although he consistently challenged the rules to cleaning the house yesterday, he always did it politely.  But no amount of politeness would have removed the surprise from my face!  I stammered and stuttered, then turning to Caleb, asked, “You want to answer that one?”

Now, this is something I love about my man.  It’s one of those things that makes me eternally grateful that he is my man!  He doesn’t get fluttered about little things like this very easily.  I could easily flare up, demanding of the child, “What do you mean??  You eat at my table, wear the clothes I give you, etc. etc, and you want to know why you have to do a couple chores??!!”  But not Caleb.  What a blessing to have a man like him!

He simply looked at Isaac, and replied with a slight smile, “That’s a good question!  But you know, we all work together on the house to show others that we love them.  It’s like giving someone else a present.  Every time you put away Ethan’s blocks, you are giving him a present.  When you pick up Elly’s coat, you are showing you love her.  When you are cleaning the living room, Elly is putting away the dishes that you ate out of.  She is giving you a present at the same time!  And if you want, I will wash your truck.  I want to show you that I love you, and maybe I could wash your truck real nicely, then wrap it up, and bring it to you!  Wouldn’t that be great.”

Wow.  I hope someday to be like him.


2 thoughts on “Why do I Have to Clean YOUR House?

  1. Wow! Amen to that! God, give me patience and character to respond with love and not pride! Please tell Caleb thank you from me for the gift of this great example!

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