Enjoy Liver?

How many of us actually like to eat liver?  The answer is probably ‘not many’!  But, us healthy Mama’s out there, who understand the benefits of such a health food try to cram it down our throats.  At least, I do, especially when I’m pregnant.  (Which, is not now, but oh well.)

And then, throwing aside the health benefits, those of us who raise our own livestock and poultry have even more reason to eat the liver.  After all, it is more meat after all the hard work of raising the animal!  We have now processed pig, sheep, cow, duck, and chicken.  Total up all the livers, and that’s a lot of meals we’d be throwing away if we didn’t eat it!  Notwithstanding all the benefits, the problem still comes down to:  How am I going to get my family to EAT all this stuff???  Well, Necessity did it again.  I’ve finally come up with a recipe (of sorts, if you want to call it that) in which my family truly enjoys the liver!  Children will ask for several helpings, and we will easily finish up 3 quarts of Liver Stew in a single meal.

So, if you are wanting to get the benefits without the taste and texture of liver, here’s my recipe.  It’s important to understand, that, like all stews (at least all stews in my house!), this is not really an exact recipe, but rather a recipe with a few things that must be exact.  Feel free to experiment, but refer back to the notes I make.  There are a few things I found that really help with getting rid of the taste and texture of liver.

Liver Stew

Basic ingredients:

Liver, Vegetables, Grains, and Tomato Juice

~Be sure to cut the liver into itty-bitty pieces.  And I don’t mean small, I mean mini.  About 1/8″ or maybe up to 1/4″ cubed mini.  Really tiny.  The best ways to do this is either freeze the raw liver and cut it frozen, or boil the liver in water or juice until it’s mostly cooked through, then cut it.  Don’t try to cut raw, fresh liver.  It just doesn’t work.  I use about 1 pound of liver for every 1/2 gallon of stew that I make.

~ Use lots of different kinds of vegetables.  Carrots, corn, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, peas, and green beans are all ones I’ve used, and liked.  The essential part is to use several different kinds each time you make the stew.  The different tastes and textures of all the veggies help mask the liver.

~ Be sure to add a grain, such as barley or rice.  Personally, I like barley the best, and will use it in this stew every time if I have it!  Again, the reason for the grain is to mask the texture of the liver.

~ Essential:  Do NOT add water to your stew!  Use tomato juice.  The taste of tomato is strong enough to cover the liver somewhat, as long as it’s not watered down.  For a 1/2 gallon of finished product, you will probably need about 1/2 gallon of tomato juice.

~ Certainly add spices to your liking.  Since I do so much ‘winging it’, I’m not going to give exact amounts (I don’t know how much of anything I put in this stew!)  But, some spices I like to use are: salt, pepper, basil, thyme, oregano, and garlic (lots of garlic).  Occasionally I will add bit of beef bullion, just to help strengthen the ‘good’ flavors!

~ Usually I make this stew fairly hearty and kinda thick (although I do not thicken it with flour or corn starch)

And that’s all there is to it!  Certainly add a cornbread or rolls to round out a good (and good for you) meal.  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Enjoy Liver?

  1. Oh, liver and sardines are the two left that I KNOW I (we) should eat but I just can’t mask the flavors enough! Thanks for the recipe! I know that if we were raising our own meat it would definitely help push me over the edge to find a way to eat it. I hate wasting stuff!

  2. Gonna try this in the next two weeks! We bought half a cow, and the liver came with it! You know I’m not going to waste it, so… here we go!

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