Angel Food Cake Lessons

The following is a blog post I’d written probably 2 years ago that never was published for some reason.  I found it in my stack of ‘drafts’ this morning, and thought I’d share it today.  Hope you enjoy it!  (No, I haven’t made an angel food cake now in a LONG time… maybe I need to.)

Most Sundays I make an angel food cake from scratch.  In my mind, this serves two purposes:  1) We get one last chance to celebrate the weekend  2) I get an opportunity to use up all those egg whites I’ve been saving through the week  (Someday I need to explain that one!  Another blog post.)    I’ve been realizing lately though, that I might just have 2 reasons, but maybe the LORD has a third reason for me.

You see, I love making angel food cake.  It’s easy and goes together very quickly!  I’m not one for having to wait or follow complicated steps.  There’s only one problem with the entire process.  Mixing the flour/sugar ingredients into the egg whites.  If you’ve never made an angel food cake, you need to understand that in order to not deflate the egg whites, one must mix the flour in very slowly and gently.  And you can’t just dump all the flour in at once.  No, only a quarter of the flour can be mixed in at one time!

Maybe you don’t have this problem, but it takes nearly all my willpower to sit there and very sloowwwly fold the flour into the batter.   The kids can’t drive me insane half as fast as folding flour into angel food cake batter can!  A couple weeks ago, while pushing myself through this process, our LORD opened my eyes to the fact that I’m so not patient.  It’s hard for me to wait on His leading in my life.  It’s hard for me to rest on the fact that He knows best, and will guide me little by little.  I want to know the end result NOW.

But, just like that angel food cake, my life can get flat and dull if I take charge, whipping it up as I see fit.  How often can I give an example of this!  So now, I’m thankful for the reminder of the angel food cake.  I’m thankful to remember to calm down, wait patiently, and enjoy the beautiful life our LORD has in store!

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.      ~Psalm 27:14


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