Relief for Mama… And a Giveaway!

How many times have you had the perfect schedule, great resources to accomplish all you wanted to get done, excellent ideas for the day, and yet, day after day, it fell apart?  I suppose that’s how it’s been going in my life lately.  I have finally gotten to a point in organization that my house stays clean, for the most part.  The children are ready to learn their 3-R’s, and due to Pinterest, blogs, and Facebook, I have more amazing ideas than I can use.  Yet, the days would whip past like a freight train in the country, no schooling would be done, and the bare necessities of housework would be accomplished.

This has been going on for way too long, which would explain why I haven’t written anything lately!  I pinned it all down to an attitude problem.  We are all tired of this winter dreariness, and it effects the way we behave.  Squabbles break out often, making the bed might take up to an hour, and whining is in order all day long.  But the solution has arrived, and Mama is breathing a sigh of relief!  I know, now I’ve got you ramped up to hear this awesome idea, only to tell you that you will have to wait a day or two before that post comes out.  Soon… very soon.  I promise, I will post it.

Yet, in the meantime, I think I’m back to blogging at least a bit more than I have been doing!  And to begin, I’m going to share with you this great giveaway that is going on right now at the Keeper of the Homestead blog.

She is giving away a handcrafted drying rack!  I have never bought drying racks because every single one I’ve seen is wobbly and falls apart in short order.  However, Erin comments on her blog post that, “The racks can withstand heavy, heavy quilts and heavy room area rugs.  You can put a quilt on one side and it will not topple over like the accordion style wooden drying racks the Amish make.”  It’s sounding good!

I could use a drying rack.  We have laundry every day that needs drying.  And if I didn’t have so much laundry, you bet I’d be hanging Great Grandma’s quilt on the rack.  What would you use it for?

I encourage you to head over to Erin’s blog and check out her drying rack giveaway!

A Pioneer Rack Giveaway


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