We have a new little one on our farm!  Our first baby lamb.  She’s a ewe, part of a triplet set.  Unfortunately, her sisters died during delivery.  Which, leads to lots of questions on our part:  What did we do wrong?  What can we do better next time?

However, we are thankful for little Edelweiss.  She’s snow-white all over, just like her Mama; and sweet as anything!  I think she must have inherited that from her Mama too.  Her mother, a first-time Mama is doing wonderful!  She loves her little baby, and hearing her nicker and tend to the little one is heartwarming.  The photos are gorgeous, but Alack!  The library won’t let me download pics.  So I’ll sit here and cry until I decide to go get internet service at my home!  Someday, I will add photos of little Edelweiss.  What a joy she is!


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