The Internet Fast

Okay, so after nearly two years of no internet at my home, I’m ready to start blogging again!  Of course, that doesn’t mean I have internet at my home even now, but maybe… just maybe it isn’t in the too far future.

The last two years have been wonderful ones, full of the joys that come when a person (or family) chooses to focus on the important things, letting go of all those things we think we need, while clinging to those things that need to stay around forever.  In the last couple years, I’ve enjoyed:

The birth of my 5th child

Learning to farm

Learning that I LOVE working with sheep

A lot of time in the Word of God

Making/sending out notes to friends

I hope I don’t forget the qualities I’ve gained in the last couple years, but I do confess that I’m ready to have internet in my home again.  However, as I look over all the pro’s and con’s, I do have to wonder if I have time for blogging.  Ah… that is what we will see as time goes on.  I don’t promise another post soon, but we will see how much time I can squeeze into each minute!

Have you ever gone on a tv, internet, or other type of fast?  What are some blessings you obtained?  What did you learn in the process?