Family Life

Sometimes you just need to smile in the middle of the day.  That’s about how my days have been for nearly all of this week.  Having extra ‘stuff’ come up through the week is hard enough, but throw an extra one or three sick children into the mix, and Mama gets exhausted pretty fast!  So, if you’re also needing to smile a little today, here ya go…

My little Cowboy and Cowgirl


I mentioned to Elly, “There’s a draft in here!”  She looked around excitedly and asked, “Where’s the giraffe?”


While driving the kids on one of the extra errands this week, Elly began a conversation that went a bit like this:

Elly: “Why does Nethaneel have that cow?”

Me: “Oh, he probably just wants to play with it.”

Elly:  “Where did he get it?”

Me:  “I bet he picked the cow up off the floor.”

Elly:  “What cow?”


Isaac told me earlier this week, “Sometimes Nethaneel and I talk about God at night-time in our beds.  But sometimes we obey and go to sleep.”

How do you stop a couple kids from talking about God?  Even if they are supposed to be sleeping??  🙂



One thought on “Family Life

  1. It is hard to stop our kids from talking though it is sleeping time. Because it is just too cute to listen to them talking 🙂 I will let them talk for a while and ask them to sleep then 🙂

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