Looking Back

Every once in a while, it’s good to simply look back and enjoy the time you’ve been given.  With the excuse of our 7th wedding anniversary this last weekend, I took the opportunity to remember all those little (and not so little) fun times Caleb and I have had together.  It helped to mix it all up into a neat little gift, which Caleb loves!

I took an idea I saw on Pinterest a while back, put my own little twist on it, and made this:

All it took was a pack of playing cards (bought for $1.00), 3 sheets of scrapbooking paper (bought for .10 each), a gluestick, and a couple binder rings (bought for .25 each).

I printed up some memories

Then glued them on!  So easy, and fun!


Here’s a few examples of the individual cards (sorry for the blur.  My camera is acting up!):

Caleb’s pick-up line.  🙂  When I answered, “Oh yes!!  I love writing short stories.  Do you enjoy writing?  What kind?”  He answered, “I enjoy writing letters.”  And thus began the letter-writing…  🙂


When visiting my soon-to-be-boyfriend’s family’s church, he leaned down and whispered to me, “Do you want to skip?”  My ‘good-little-church-girl’ heart was shocked by such a thought, but my playful, adventurous side screamed “YES!”  We slipped out, and spent the time talking and playing on the kid’s playground while waiting for his family to get out.  But our joy was short-lived when Caleb’s brother was sent out to find us and bring us in so that they could sing Happy Birthday to Caleb.  We walked in to the church, with everyone watching us enter.  It was humiliating at the time, but such a fun memory now.  I’m glad we skipped.  🙂


My man was (and is) such a gentleman!  Always asking, never assuming.


One of my favorite memories from newly-wed life.  A huge tree, a young couple, and a small picnic is the best ever.  🙂


We have now moved 7 times in the 7 years we have been married.  When we were first married, I hated moving.  It was torture.  Now I somewhat enjoy it!  We definitely have lots of experiences due to the moves!


This is something Caleb has gently taught me to enjoy just by his example of enjoying getting his hands in the dirt.


No one can understand how tender of a man Caleb is until they see him handle a baby which is sick or hurting.  This ‘almost-newlywed’ experience truly opened my eyes to a new dimension I hadn’t yet seen much of.  Caleb’s passion for the little ones among us is unmatched.


I love how Caleb prays often for myself and our children!


The only thing better than Tillamook ice cream is sharing it with the one you love after the kids are in bed!


I love Caleb!  He is the man of my dreams, the keeper of my heart!


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