Family Life

A few of my favorite quotes from this last week:


We were discussing ticks the other day.  I explained to Isaac that it is a small bug which bites, and then digs into the person’s skin, which is why we have to get it off.  He said, “Mama, I think I have a tick!”  He showed me a spot on his arm, and I said, “Oh no, Isaac, that’s just a mole.”  With absolute shock, he looked at me and asked, “How did a MOLE get in there?!”


We visited some friends who live in a duplex, and upon seeing their home, 5-yo-Isaac asked, “Why are the houses stuck together?”  He must never have noticed apartments/condos/duplexes before!

Yesterday while doing errands in town, I told Nethaneel, “Come on, let’s race to the car!  Can you beat Mama?”  He looked at me with a bit of confusion, then pushed on my leg as he said, “Beep, Beep”


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