Getting Ready for Christmas!

The children and I have been working on getting our home in order for the Christmas season.  I figure that if I spend a few weeks focusing on making the house beautiful, then I will have ample time to do crafts and baking and all-around fun stuff!

The project I’m focusing most on at this time is weeding out our children’s clothing.  I’m just amazed at how much clothing has been given to us in the 6 months we’ve lived here!  This week I took out any clothes that wouldn’t fit my children for the next 18 months.  I filled four large trash bags to give away!  But they still have too many clothes.  So now I need to sort through their every-day clothes and weed it down.  What do you place as a guide for how many clothes to have for a single child?  Do you keep extra outfits (in their size) in storage so that if an outfit is ruined you can easily replace it?

Oh, and what’s keeping me going on these days?  The excitement of doing projects like these bells found at Pretty Little Things:

Or maybe these bells, which I found at Martha Stewert:

Pinterest is addictive.  I seriously need to get offline and start sorting those kid’s clothes!!


Family Life

Sometimes you just need to smile in the middle of the day.  That’s about how my days have been for nearly all of this week.  Having extra ‘stuff’ come up through the week is hard enough, but throw an extra one or three sick children into the mix, and Mama gets exhausted pretty fast!  So, if you’re also needing to smile a little today, here ya go…

My little Cowboy and Cowgirl


I mentioned to Elly, “There’s a draft in here!”  She looked around excitedly and asked, “Where’s the giraffe?”


While driving the kids on one of the extra errands this week, Elly began a conversation that went a bit like this:

Elly: “Why does Nethaneel have that cow?”

Me: “Oh, he probably just wants to play with it.”

Elly:  “Where did he get it?”

Me:  “I bet he picked the cow up off the floor.”

Elly:  “What cow?”


Isaac told me earlier this week, “Sometimes Nethaneel and I talk about God at night-time in our beds.  But sometimes we obey and go to sleep.”

How do you stop a couple kids from talking about God?  Even if they are supposed to be sleeping??  🙂


What About Religion?

Have you ever had anyone tell you, “Your pro-life views are just your religion!  You can believe it if you want, but stop shoving all that religion onto me!”   I know I’ve heard that statement more times than I care to count.  What did you say in response?  What did you wish you would’ve said?

I just watched an excellent short video clip by Scott Klusendorf that tackles this very argument.  I appreciated learning how to present the truth without denying my religious beliefs!  It’s worth your 15 minutes to be prepared to give an answer to any person!

Family Life

This week has been fairly crazy around my home.  Could you tell by the decreasing number of blog posts? I did want to share some photos of Ethan’s birthday party, though, so enjoy!  (By the way, there’s a special video at the very end that is too cute to pass up!)

We went bowling for his birthday/our anniversary.  Rolling the ball was not necessarily the easiest thing for the kids to learn…



…But snacking on the munchies is easy for anyone!

Can you tell we don’t usually give our kids soda pop?  


The Cake Pops made for Ethan:




Ethan blows out grabs his first candle:













Ethan opens his gifts:













And for the Grand Finale, this video was taken the day after Ethan’s first birthday:



Looking Back

Every once in a while, it’s good to simply look back and enjoy the time you’ve been given.  With the excuse of our 7th wedding anniversary this last weekend, I took the opportunity to remember all those little (and not so little) fun times Caleb and I have had together.  It helped to mix it all up into a neat little gift, which Caleb loves!

I took an idea I saw on Pinterest a while back, put my own little twist on it, and made this:

All it took was a pack of playing cards (bought for $1.00), 3 sheets of scrapbooking paper (bought for .10 each), a gluestick, and a couple binder rings (bought for .25 each).

I printed up some memories

Then glued them on!  So easy, and fun!


Here’s a few examples of the individual cards (sorry for the blur.  My camera is acting up!):

Caleb’s pick-up line.  🙂  When I answered, “Oh yes!!  I love writing short stories.  Do you enjoy writing?  What kind?”  He answered, “I enjoy writing letters.”  And thus began the letter-writing…  🙂


When visiting my soon-to-be-boyfriend’s family’s church, he leaned down and whispered to me, “Do you want to skip?”  My ‘good-little-church-girl’ heart was shocked by such a thought, but my playful, adventurous side screamed “YES!”  We slipped out, and spent the time talking and playing on the kid’s playground while waiting for his family to get out.  But our joy was short-lived when Caleb’s brother was sent out to find us and bring us in so that they could sing Happy Birthday to Caleb.  We walked in to the church, with everyone watching us enter.  It was humiliating at the time, but such a fun memory now.  I’m glad we skipped.  🙂


My man was (and is) such a gentleman!  Always asking, never assuming.


One of my favorite memories from newly-wed life.  A huge tree, a young couple, and a small picnic is the best ever.  🙂


We have now moved 7 times in the 7 years we have been married.  When we were first married, I hated moving.  It was torture.  Now I somewhat enjoy it!  We definitely have lots of experiences due to the moves!


This is something Caleb has gently taught me to enjoy just by his example of enjoying getting his hands in the dirt.


No one can understand how tender of a man Caleb is until they see him handle a baby which is sick or hurting.  This ‘almost-newlywed’ experience truly opened my eyes to a new dimension I hadn’t yet seen much of.  Caleb’s passion for the little ones among us is unmatched.


I love how Caleb prays often for myself and our children!


The only thing better than Tillamook ice cream is sharing it with the one you love after the kids are in bed!


I love Caleb!  He is the man of my dreams, the keeper of my heart!