Who is Valuable?

It’s time for a couple questions!   Usually pro-lifers don’t even consider these in their thoughts about a child in the womb.  But, don’t think these are abnormal.  I’ve been asked the following questions several times:

“An embryo doesn’t even have brain waves!  They can’t think.  Their brain is so simple, it can’t even be called an organ that functions within their body!  It has no self-awareness, so how can you defend that it’s actually a human?!”

“An embryo is pretty much equivalent to someone who is brain-dead.  There is no organized corticle brain activity  at all in them!  If someone who is brain-dead is ready to be buried in the ground, then why do you insist on keeping these embryos alive?”

What would you say?   Keep in mind that it is imperative for us to know what we believe and why.  Scott Klusendorf shows us how these arguments do not hold ground in the abortion debate.

Be sure to visit the Life Training Institute Blog for more pro-life training articles and videos!


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