Family Life

A few kid quotes to get your day going with a smile:

Elly was reviewing what she had learned from our Bible reading.  She said, “There is God the Father, and God the Son, and God the… God the…  umm… God the… God!  God the God!” 

While outside playing with the cat, Elly turned to Isaac and said, “I love our cat!”  Isaac responded, “He’s not our cat.  He’s God’s cat.”  “Nu-uh!” she protested.  With a half-exasperated sigh, and the tone of a teacher, he told her, “Elly, you’re not saying what’s in the Bible.  The Bible says that God made the kitty, so see!  He’s God’s cat!”

We usually put honey on Nethaneel’s ‘owies’ to help them heal quickly, but recently bought a bit of Comfrey salve instead.  While I rubbed the salve on him this morning, he asked, “Is this honey?”  “No,” I responded, “It’s comfrey”  With a smile, he said, “Oh!  Green honey!”

And this isn’t a kid quote, but I think it sums up my thoughts for this last week very well…

Caleb, while holding a sleeping Ethan told me, “You have to wonder if babies are part angel.”


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