What Would You Say?

The following example questions have both been asked of me, so if you ever get in a discussion about abortion, be prepared to answer these!  🙂

In defense of abortion, someone tells you,  “Well, there are more miscarriages than abortions, even!  So, if you believe that killing these embryos is wrong, then God Himself aborts the most babies!”    What would you say?

Another person gives you the following scenario, “You are in a burning research lab.  In one corner of the room, there is a newborn baby.  In the opposite corner, there is a vial of 12 embryos.  Which will you choose to save, and why?”  What would you say?

For some great answers to these questions, and a deeper understanding of this topic, be sure to check out Scott Klusendorf’s video!  It is #2 in the series, and Caleb an I benefited so much from watching it this last weekend.

For the list of videos, be sure to check out the Life Training Institute Blog.


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