What Is It?

Have you ever had your child ask you, “Mama, can I kill this?”  What about if he asks while you can’t see what ‘this’ is?? Do you say, “Sure, go ahead and kill it”?  It’s pretty obvious that parents aren’t going to approve of something being killed unless they know what is going to be killed.  If it’s a horrible spider, I’ll say ‘Sure’, but if it’s the neighbor’s cat, we have a different answer altogether!

So often the abortion debate is looked upon as a complex issue, when in fact, it all boils down to one question.  What is the unborn?

This last weekend Caleb and I began watching a Pro-Life Training Course that is offered by Scott Klusendorf for Free!  We watched the first video, and loved it!  I truly believe that this is something every pro-lifer needs to watch.  It is educational and engaging.  50 minutes that will equip you for life!

For a list of all the videos in this course, go to Life Training Institute’s Blog


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