Playing with the Kids

What an amazing weekend!  We had big plans for Saturday, then we decided to make another big day of Sunday, so it was definitely a full weekend, but so much fun!

On Saturday we went to the Oktoberfest.  The first booth we went to was so fascinating (and Elly getting a free pen out of the deal made it even better!)

This gentleman made pens out of man-made marble.  Elly got to choose out which color she wanted, then watch him make her pen

Then, of course, we went to see the animals

Nethaneel was so interested, that even after we walked away and watched him from a short distance, he stayed right next to the animals for about 10 minutes before he finally realized that we were gone!

Then we made Isaac’s day by looking at climbing on all the tractors.

Making the ppppbbbttt sound of a tractor:

On Sunday we took the kids into a nearby town for a picnic lunch and play time at two different parks!

The first park had a boxcar and a steam engine.  The kids enjoyed playing on/around them while Caleb and I were fascinated by seeing them up-close!

Then we went to the playground, where Ethan got his first ride on a swing.  He loved it!

The other kids loved their rides “up to the moon”

What can be more emotionally, physically, even spiritually healthful to a child than running around all day with their parents, playing, laughing, and eating PB&J with apples and water?

Go enjoy your children today!


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