Something New

So I braved it yesterday and taught my children something new.  Does it scare you as much as it does me to embark on teaching little children something brand new to them?  It’s about a week-long process of second-guessing myself and researching what other mama’s have to say, and making plans and schedules and lists about the topic before I actually decide to plunge into the murky waters!   Please tell me I’m  not alone.


But, I moved past the typical “I’m-too-scared-to-move” point yesterday and plunged in without any lists, schedules, or second-guessing!  Maybe it’s because I’m so busy right now that I don’t have time to worry if I’m doing it right?


Whatever the reason, we were cleaning the kitchen yesterday and I realized that I had plans to deep-clean the stove top when I noticed that Elly was standing there, watching me, and waiting for her new task.  “Why not?” I thought.  So we pushed a chair up to the stove, then she pulled off tinfoil, scrubbed it down with baking soda, and (with help) put new tinfoil down.  She did an excellent job.  Better than I ever expected!  Her response once the task was finished?  “Mama, this is OUR stove now.  Yours and mine!”  And I think this will now be her weekly task.

While she was cleaning the stove, another thought popped in my mind.  It happened right about the time that the boys were standing looking at me with blank stares, wondering what they ought to be doing.  Could they really do it?  Sure… why not?  So I set them about cleaning out the refrigerator.  I’m amazed!  A 5 and 2 year old can clean the fridge almost as well as myself! 

Which, with them doing all that wonderful work, enabled me to tackle some tasks that I’d forgotten about in the busy-ness of having lots of littles.  Things like giving the kitchenaid mixer a deep clean.  Removing the fingerprints from the water filter.  Cleaning off a counter that’s been cluttered since we moved here.  Maybe next time I’ll plunge into teaching new tasks faster.  Yes, we are all learning new things!


Oh, and what is Ethan learning?  Well… check it out…


What are you learning this week? 





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