Shaping Muffins

Do you get tired of spending lots of money just so your family can enjoy something good to eat?  I know for me, that item could easily be English Muffins.  We love these little muffins, any way you can make them!  But, alas, a single 6-pack costs nearly $3, and we’d need two of those to feed our family for one meal!  So, I learned how to make my own.  The batch I made today gave our family 35 muffins and cost approximately $2.50. 

Tell me... doesn't this photo just give you the urge to go make your own?

Follow our adventure today, then go get started on your own adventure!  First, heat 3 cups milk and one cube butter until it’s fairly warm, but not hot.  While that’s heating up, combine in a large mixer bowl:

3 cups flour

2 tsp. salt

2 pkgs. dry yeast

1/4 c. sugar


Mix the milk solution into the dry ingredients, and beat for 2 min.  Then add 2 eggs and 2 cups flour.  Beat for one more minute. 

Keep adding flour until it’s as stiff as your beaters will make it.


Turn out on a floured surface and knead until it looks about like stiff dough.  🙂  If your mixer is really good, you probably won’t have to knead in much.




                                                    Be sure to butter your bowl so the bread won’t stick!



Stick the dough in the pot, cover with a towel, and if you’re like me, put it all into the dehydrator on the ‘raise bread’ setting!

Then, you’ve gotta wait.  While waiting, you can…

...hang a load of laundry on the line


...feed the cat


...Solve a squabble



...and take the kids on a walk

While on your walk, you can…

...Stop at the post office


...and let the kids play in the neighbor's leaves


Be sure to applaud the man who is oh-so-strong...


...and smile at the boy who likes to give you gifts!


By the time you get home, your bread should look like this

So, dump it out on a lightly floured surface, and while it’s resting, get out the following items:  Several plates (or cookie sheets), a small bowl of cornmeal, a biscuit cutter (or, be fancy and use a cup!), and a rolling pin. 


Roll out your dough to about 1/2″ thickness 



Cut, as if you are making biscuits
Let your little boy dip the muffins in the cornmeal and put them on the plates.  As he smashes them between his fingers, try to remember that the muffins you are shaping are temperal.  His heart will be shaped forever!
As each plate becomes full, place it in the food dehydrator to rise once more.  (Or, just cover with a towel!)
Once they have risen to the proper size, you are ready for this!  Make sure the stove is on Medium heat, and watch your muffins closely.  If it cooks too fast, turn the heat down!
Once the bottom is browned, CAREFULLY turn them over

It won't be long before your plate looks like this...


...and your children try to sneak away with the goods!

For a printable recipe, click Here

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