Family Life

Well, either my kids are talking a LOT this week, letting me know every cute thing in their brain, or maybe I’m listening more since I blog about cute stuff every Thursday.  Either way, the end result is some pretty cute kid quotes for you to smile at today.  🙂

To give you an idea of how education works in our home, Isaac was playing trucks with Elly the other day, while I listened in:

Isaac:  “The truck winned!”

Me:  “The truck WON”

Elly:  “The other truck tried to win.  Wait.  I mean, the other truck tried to won.”


Watching "The Science of Evolution" by Ray Comfort

And some more education:

Isaac and Elly were playing Doctor, when Elly suddenly exclaimed in a panic to Isaac, “OH NO!  The man’s heart came out!  I have to glue it back in!


One morning, while getting Nethaneel dressed, the following conversation took place:

Me:  “Here, Nethaneel, do you want to wear this Old Navy shirt?”

Nethaneel:  “Mama!  I’m not an old lady!”


And my favorite, because, after all, this just HAS to be a Mama’s favorite: 

Nethaneel:  “I’m getting big!  I’m gonna go to work like Papa!”

Me:  “Are you gonna get REALLY big and someday leave me and go to work?”

Elly:  “No, Mama, he’s gonna leave you and get married.”

Nethaneel begins to look apprehensive, so I turn to him…

Me:  “Nethaneel, are you going to marry some girl and leave me?”

Nethaneel throws his arms around me and says, “No, Mama!  I’m gonna marry you!”


2 thoughts on “Family Life

  1. Nethaneel is way too cute! Not sure which quote wins my vote, somewhere between, “No, Mama, I’m not an old lady” and “I’m going to marry you” LOL Very cute, grandkids I have!

    • lol… I agree, he is pretty cute! Grandma told me a while ago that when I was a kid, she mentioned to you and Dad “April isn’t better behaved. She just knows how to make everything look cute so she can get away with it all!” LOL… I think I have a duplicate copy of myself…. 🙂

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