Samaritan Ministries

Yesterday our family received a special “bill” in the mail.  One that we actually look forward to each month!  I know, that’s incredible to me too!  It was our Samaritan Ministries Newsletter and Monthly Need.  But, let’s go back in time a bit…

Many of you will remember about 18 months ago when two of our children had a medical emergency (why is it that emergencies are always the starting point of good things?).  We took the kids into the local ER, and 8 hours later they were transported to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, a solid 90 minute drive from our home.  They were hospitalized for 2 days, and what could have ended in a tragedy, actually finished with us bringing our babies home healthy as any child should be.  But the tragedy hit when we realized the hospital bills would exceed $15,000.

 What we wouldn’t have given at that point to have been a part of Samaritan Ministries!

If you’ve never heard of Samaritan Ministries, it is a health care sharing program for Christians.  How it works is that each month our family is sent a Need.  For instance, this month our need stated:  “John and Jane Doe (Name changed, duh :)) are expecting a baby in January.  Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.”  Sometime in the next couple weeks, I will send the Doe’s a check for $320 (the maximum anyone pays per month) to help cover the medical expenses of this new little blessing.  I’ll also send a note letting them know that we are thinking of them, and praying for them.

 Later on, if another medical emergency arises in our home, or if when I get pregnant again, other members will send checks to us to help with our medical costs.

No, it is not insurance.  And I’m thankful for that fact!  I’m thankful that each month I can interact in another Christian’s life on this level.  I can be praying for them, writing to them, and teaching my children to be a blessing to others!  You can’t do that with regular insurance.

I’m thankful that my support each month doesn’t fund abortions or euthanasia.  You can’t do that with regular insurance, either.

If you’d like more information about Samaritan, I encourage you to visit their website.  If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll try to answer.  Samaritan kinda sorta has an affiliate program, and we would love to offset our costs, so if you decide to join, feel free to mention that you heard about Samaritan through Deliberate Doodles.


4 thoughts on “Samaritan Ministries

  1. Hey, just noticed that is my hand and phone in the picture of Caleb and the kids. I sent pics to dad that night, he could not be there.

  2. I was just looking at Samaritan. I don’t like dealing with insurance agencies either especially when it comes to what you pay especially for a maternity rider. I am very interested in Samaritan Ministries and how it all works. I love the fact that the body is taking care of each other no matter where you are!

    • Salena,
      That fact of the body taking care of each other is definitely the high point for us as well! I do like Samaritan’s way of handling maternity care. We have home births, and Samaritan members share all of the cost of homebirthing members. 🙂 It’s such a blessing to us. 🙂
      Glad to have you here at my blog! 🙂

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