Who is Valuable?

It’s time for a couple questions!   Usually pro-lifers don’t even consider these in their thoughts about a child in the womb.  But, don’t think these are abnormal.  I’ve been asked the following questions several times:

“An embryo doesn’t even have brain waves!  They can’t think.  Their brain is so simple, it can’t even be called an organ that functions within their body!  It has no self-awareness, so how can you defend that it’s actually a human?!”

“An embryo is pretty much equivalent to someone who is brain-dead.  There is no organized corticle brain activity  at all in them!  If someone who is brain-dead is ready to be buried in the ground, then why do you insist on keeping these embryos alive?”

What would you say?   Keep in mind that it is imperative for us to know what we believe and why.  Scott Klusendorf shows us how these arguments do not hold ground in the abortion debate.

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Green Tomatoes

I’ve never known what to do with all those green tomatoes left on the vine at the end of summer.  That is, until a friend shared her pickled green tomato recipe with me!  The kids and I made 20 quarts of these yesterday, and they look so good!  The only problem:  We have to wait two whole weeks to try them out??!!  Okay, I guess I’ll just have to let you know how they taste later on.  But for now, I’m taking my friend’s word for them:  “This is a favorite recipe in our home!”

And on an entirely different note, but way too cute to pass up:

As Caleb was coming home from work one day, he stopped by a store and bought me a gorgeous scarf just to let me know he was thinking of me.  (I adore my man!  He’s so sweet!)  I’ve been wearing the scarf nearly every day lately, and yesterday noticed this:

Yes, my little baby man has been picking up any cloth he can find (towels, mostly) and hanging them around his neck, mimicking his Mama’s scarf.  🙂

Family Life

A few kid quotes to get your day going with a smile:

Elly was reviewing what she had learned from our Bible reading.  She said, “There is God the Father, and God the Son, and God the… God the…  umm… God the… God!  God the God!” 

While outside playing with the cat, Elly turned to Isaac and said, “I love our cat!”  Isaac responded, “He’s not our cat.  He’s God’s cat.”  “Nu-uh!” she protested.  With a half-exasperated sigh, and the tone of a teacher, he told her, “Elly, you’re not saying what’s in the Bible.  The Bible says that God made the kitty, so see!  He’s God’s cat!”

We usually put honey on Nethaneel’s ‘owies’ to help them heal quickly, but recently bought a bit of Comfrey salve instead.  While I rubbed the salve on him this morning, he asked, “Is this honey?”  “No,” I responded, “It’s comfrey”  With a smile, he said, “Oh!  Green honey!”

And this isn’t a kid quote, but I think it sums up my thoughts for this last week very well…

Caleb, while holding a sleeping Ethan told me, “You have to wonder if babies are part angel.”

Welcome to the Party!

I enjoy my small little home on the web.  And I love welcoming each of you into it.  It’s tiny, but nice.  The 10 or maybe 15 views I get each day make me feel loved, because you cared to read what I wrote, or enjoyed taking a glance at the photos I enjoy.  I adore getting comments on each post.  It’s like a cup of hot tea with a friend.

But, yesterday wasn’t tiny.  It was a party!!  And the party was big!!  And it was fun!  I know most of you, my day-by-day visitors had no clue, but instead of getting the typical “18 Views” in my stat report, I received a whopping report of 924 views!  That’s right – the few little pages I’ve written on in this little tiny corner of the web were viewed over 900 times!

I have to wonder at that point:  what did these people like so much?  Maybe it was my idea of the suitcase-bookshelf…

Doesn’t the torn handle on top just look so very chic?!  :::wink, wink:::  (Yikes – did I just use the word ‘chic’??)

Well, it took a few hours, but I finally discovered who our visitors were!  Welcome!  🙂

These visitors were kind enough to, ahem, enlighten me (as if I didn’t already know) that my home decorating is not as fashionable as they would like to see it.  “The ‘bookshelves’ are really suitcases, didn’t you know?  They don’t belong in the living room, and they especially don’t belong with those books in them!  And, those couch sectionals really need a cover on them.  The fabric showing through is ugly!   Oh yeah, and your child’s name, Nethaneel?  Woah!  Who would name a child ‘that’???”  Yeah… actual comments.  🙂  Didn’t I tell you it was a fun party??

It’s tough hearing stuff about your home that you’ve worked hard to beautify, but I’m tough, and I can handle it.

So the first thing I did was laugh.  You, my friends and family, know that we moved 6 people on a train across country less than 5 months ago, taking only 24 suitcases of luggage with us.  All of our other belongings were sold or given away.  You know that we holed up in a ‘summer house’ (that’s saying it nicely) for 3 months while waiting for our home to become available.  You know that this little bit of living room ‘decorating’ is about the best conditions we’ve lived in for the last 6 months.  When someone who doesn’t know you criticizes you, please take just a moment to laugh.

The next thing I did was learned again to be content.  Now, I’ll be absolutely honest with you.  This was the hardest step for me.  I know my living room isn’t up to mine, or anyone else’s beauty standard.  There were a lot of ‘wish lists’ that went through my brain all of a sudden!  Tons of humiliation that the world saw my bit of humble home, and many thoughts of just deleting that embarrassing post!  But then I remembered (Caleb helped a lot with this!), my home is beautiful because I love the people who enter here.  The stains are ugly, but stains of neglect on my little children’s hearts would be worse.  I’m so thankful for a husband who willingly goes to work so that I can stay home and nurture our little children.  After a few lot more thanksgivings, I could truly say that I am content with what I have.

Finally, I chose to learn a few things from my visitors.  They have some really neat ideas, and I don’t want to miss out!  So for starters, here’s what I liked about their suggestions:

“I could see nice old leather suitcases with interesting buckles, that’s a huge decorator thing.”  Awesome!  I’m gonna be looking for some old leather suitcases!

“It’s nick-knacks, not nick-nacks”  oops… okay, so next time I’ll remember to do the spell check.  🙂

All in all, I’m happy with my little home, even if it does take a while to ‘get up to the party’s standard’  🙂


Decorating for Free

How do I turn a living room into a beautiful place to live for free?


First, find a couple leather sectionals on the side of the road, set out for the garbage man to pick up.  Make sure they are in good condition, then haul them home!


Next, take an old TV stand that was in the home when you moved in, throw a tablecloth over it, add a few nick-nacks and the flowers that your 4-year-old daughter picked.

Finally, get out those suitcases that you packed all your moving supplies into, turn them on their side, with the top flapped underneath, and place your books into your new bookcase.

Stand back, and admire:

I love simplicity!  How would you decorate a room for free?

What Would You Say?

The following example questions have both been asked of me, so if you ever get in a discussion about abortion, be prepared to answer these!  🙂

In defense of abortion, someone tells you,  “Well, there are more miscarriages than abortions, even!  So, if you believe that killing these embryos is wrong, then God Himself aborts the most babies!”    What would you say?

Another person gives you the following scenario, “You are in a burning research lab.  In one corner of the room, there is a newborn baby.  In the opposite corner, there is a vial of 12 embryos.  Which will you choose to save, and why?”  What would you say?

For some great answers to these questions, and a deeper understanding of this topic, be sure to check out Scott Klusendorf’s video!  It is #2 in the series, and Caleb an I benefited so much from watching it this last weekend.

For the list of videos, be sure to check out the Life Training Institute Blog.