Physical or Spiritual?

Most of you know that Caleb and I have been involved in educating the public about abortion for a several years now.  About a year ago, as Caleb and I discussed this very topic, he told me something that has been set in my mind. He said, “When we are fighting for the life of the pre-born, we are showing that we care about the pre-saved.  After all, if we don’t care about the physical things of this world, how can we care about the spiritual?” 

Yesterday, when I first watched the newly released documentary “180” I saw this same concept played out before my very eyes.  In 33 minutes, I watched people change from pro-abortion to pro-life.  From pro-world to pro-Jesus!  I urge you to watch this if you haven’t yet! 


2 thoughts on “Physical or Spiritual?

  1. Yes, we have to support people to give birth not to abort. This is a very important post, April.
    I give my support too. Hope people will change their mind from abort their baby.

  2. That was so great! Thank you for sharing. I saw several people post that on facebook but I didnt take the time to watch it until I saw you post it. Then I knew it must be pretty good 🙂

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