Family Life

A few of my favorite quotes from this last week:

Isaac:  “Papa was in the army when you were married?” 

Me: “Yes”

Isaac (with awe): “Papa was the chief of all the armies?”


Isaac came up to Elly, and showing her 3 triceratop dinosaur toys, said, “See my dinosaurs.  They are all the same.”  She replied, “Green, black, and red.  That’s not the same!” 


The children have been learning, as all good children do, to climb the bannister.  I usually allow this as long as they don’t climb too high on the outside of the stairs.  One day I discovered Elly had climbed all the way to the top of the stairs on the outside of the bannister.  As a good mother should do, I gave her a decent scolding, and told her that she was not to do that again.  She looked quite confused, then asked, “But, why did they put it there?” 




Isaac: “Mama, I will make all the girls in our family a princess, because you and Elly are princesses!  I will make the princesses for you out of mud.” 


2 thoughts on “Family Life

  1. A climber girl have you? I know you don’t remember this April Dawn but I do well! You were about 2 years old and church was over, we held church in our living room. We were outside with guests saying good bye when someone said, “April is on the roof” I looked up and there you were, you had stepped out on the roof from the second story bedroom onto a part of the roof that was about 6 feet wide and sloping. Dad stood on the ground telling you to get back in the window and ready to catch you while I ran upstairs to pull you in if necessary. By the time I got up stairs you were climbing back inside. WOW ~ was that scarey! Guess what goes around comes around.

    • oh wow! That’s actually really scary considering the home we live in now. Both of the children’s bedrooms have windows (And Elly’s is without a screen) that open up onto a sloping roof. We’ve already told them never to go out the windows, but it might just be a good idea to put a screen in Elly’s… 🙂

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