Strength for the Day

Sometimes life just seems overwhelming.  The kids all need Mama all the time.  The home is constantly in need of attention.  I push myself to remember little (and not so little) things, like having good posture, exercising daily, and paying the bills on time.  My husband needs me to encourage him.  Our marriage needs time to be strengthened – Daily!  Sometimes others outside my home demand my attention, taking my energy. 

At those times, I feel like a drained warrior.  Or, as someone else described it, I feel like a little cardboard juice box that everyone has stuck their straw into and sucked until I am flat!

What a blessing to know the Giver of all strength!  No, life hasn’t been easy lately; but overall, it has been a joy.  So, maybe now I need two or even three replenishings of the Word of God in my day in order to keep going.  Is that such a bad thing?  🙂 

The joy of the Lord is your strength – Nehemiah 8:10

Rest in His joy today! 


One thought on “Strength for the Day

  1. Motherhood is a tough job ~ sounds like you have a great perspective though. May God bless you many times over as you raise your little ones.

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