Family Life

First a couple quotes from my munchkins!

After Isaac and I watched several videos about the Fibonacci Sequence in nature, he asked me, “Does the belly button have a fibonacci sequence?”  Obviously he’s interested!  🙂

During dinner one night Caleb was asking the children how their day went.  The conversation went as follows:

Caleb:  “Isaac, did you help Mama today?”

Isaac:  “Yeah, I cleaned the table.”

Caleb:  “Elly, did you help Mama today?”

Elly:  (After a reminder) “I put the clothes by the laundry basket!”

Caleb:  “Nethaneel, did you help Mama today?”

Nethaneel:  Proudly proclaims, “Yeah!  I help Mama!  Mama washed me!” 


Highlights of my week:

I’ve spent the last week working with the two dogs that we found wandering on a highway.  They are excellent dogs, and have obviously had some level of training, but they’re a bit rusty on it!  They are also used to running a lot and chasing small animals, both of which don’t do well here in town.  So my job has been to exercise them enough to keep them content, and try to teach them to leave our cat alone.  We are looking for their owners.  I’m sure they’d be much happier back out in the country!


Fall is just about here.  I’m starting to see a few leaves on the ground, the mornings are definitely cold, and the night is coming sooner.  I love this time of year.  Hot tea, good books, and a bunch of work getting ready for the winter!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?


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