People Need Jesus

When we made our most recent move, we met an eccentric old man.  He’s 81 years old and all of his family is in Germany.  During our first conversation with him, Caleb and I had to stifle our laughter as he told us that he has figured out things John Newton (I think he means Isaac Newton) and Albert Einstein never understood!  But his generosity is practically unmatched. 

He is always giving!  Whether it’s a full box of creamer (for him to use in his coffee at our house)

Or shelf groceries with an expiration date of 12/08

Or Easter candy from who knows when.

He also gives so much of his time.  He loans his weed-eater, hangs a hummingbird feeder, and pulls our weeds!

But, as wonderful as he is, the poor old man is a living example of what good people are like who do not know Jesus.  Goodness will not give them peace (“I wonder if Christians are right” Nick told us), nor will it give them purpose (“Why was I even born?” He asked), nor will it give them security for their future (“Does heaven or hell exist?”).  

Nick has been spending a lot of time with our family lately.  He comes over about 4pm, often staying for dinner, and after the kids are in bed, a long discussion about Jesus.  As we watch his health fail him nearly every day, we wonder how much time he has left to turn to Christ.  All we can do is show the LORD’s light and pray, but we can do that.  I know there are people all across this world just like Nick.  Are we as Christians sharing the light of Christ?


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