Family Life

So what do you think of my new look?  The blog look, that is.  I like it, although I wish I could figure out how to put a random photo gallery on each page for you!  I’ve been trying to figure it out, and someday will get there.  Also, be sure to check out my new Links page! 

What has my last week been like?  Wow.  How about we forget that question and just move on to the kid’s quotes!  🙂

The children have had endless entertainment with our stairs.  They are now’bumping’ down the slope every day, countless times during the day!  Even Ethan is thrilled with the ride!  This last week Isaac asked me to join them.  Since I really enjoy playing with my kids, I had a dangerous thought: “Why not?”  So, I sat down, and proceeded to bump my way down the steps.  I only made it a few bumps before the agony in my rear end compelled me to give up that sort of play!  I jumped up, telling Isaac that it hurts for Mama to bump down the steps.  He looked at me full of pity and understanding, then replied: “Ohhh… that’s because you have a big bottom.”  ACK!!  Thanks, child!

Our children have confused the word ‘beat’ (as in, “I’ll beat you to the finish line!”) with the term “beat up”  It provides quite a bit of humor, as you can see exemplified in the following situations.

The other day I was eagerly getting trying to get my children to help with cleaning the kitchen.  I told them, “You pick up the floor, and I will do the dishes!  Let’s see who will get done first!”  As we neared the end of our tasks, I kept calling out encouragements, “Oh! It looks like I might beat you!”  “Wow!  You all are going fast!  Now you might beat me!”  At the end, we conveniently ended at the same time.  Isaac smiled up at me and said, “Mama, now no one has to get beat up because we tied!” 

A few days ago, while walking home from the Post Office, we hurried so that we could “beat Papa home from work.”  As we neared our house, we could see that Caleb’s van was already in the driveway.  Upon seeing it, all three children began yelling at the top of their lungs for the entire neighborhood to hear, “Papa beat us up!  Papa beat us up!”   Yeah, I think it might be time to start using a different word!  



Can Children Understand God’s Word?

Each morning after breakfast I sit down with my children and read a couple chapters out of the Bible to them.  When we first began this, they didn’t understand what was being said, and I had a lot of those eyes just drifting off into outer space!  So, I’d read it slowly, then at parts where I knew they would be interested, I would re-interprete it for them.  I pushed them a bit, asking them things like, “What do you think ‘multitude’ means?”  We would laugh together at the ‘funny’ language of ‘thee’ and ‘thou’.  Now, a couple weeks into this, we have read Matthew 1-18.  And I’m seeing some delightful things. 

~Instead of me reminding them of Bible time, they now remind me!  Sometimes I’ve even totally forgotten about it, only to have Isaac say, “Mama, we need to read about Jesus!”

~They aren’t so starry-eyed anymore!  Even Nethaneel (2yo), who is allowed one quiet toy, will refuse the toy and listen intently.  I find it hillarious that even though I can’t imagine he truly understands everything, he gives these shocked faces every time we come to an exciting portion!

~They are asking me questions!  Like yesterday, when we read about the transfiguration on the mount, Isaac asked, “But how does God get out of the cloud?”  Another time he asked, “Who is God?  Is it Jesus?  Or the Father?” 

And with all that it has changed in my children, our regular reading of Scripture through one book has changed me as well.  I’m realizing that there is a lot of hard stuff to explain to toddlers, just in the book of Matthew!  While reading through Matthew 7, we read about how God would tell the unrighteous, “I never knew you”.  I explained to the children that if people do not turn to the LORD, asking Him to forgive them, then He would say, “I never knew you.  Go away, you sinner!”  In all the gravity of the moment, I looked at my children’s faces, and I knew that they understood the seriousness.  Their hearts will forever be softened for others because they know it would be torture to be cast away from Jesus Christ.  No explanation of hell was necessary, only the thought of being rejected by Jesus is enough.

Have you had to explain difficult concepts to your children?  How did you do it?  How do you think they were changed by what you told them?

Physical or Spiritual?

Most of you know that Caleb and I have been involved in educating the public about abortion for a several years now.  About a year ago, as Caleb and I discussed this very topic, he told me something that has been set in my mind. He said, “When we are fighting for the life of the pre-born, we are showing that we care about the pre-saved.  After all, if we don’t care about the physical things of this world, how can we care about the spiritual?” 

Yesterday, when I first watched the newly released documentary “180” I saw this same concept played out before my very eyes.  In 33 minutes, I watched people change from pro-abortion to pro-life.  From pro-world to pro-Jesus!  I urge you to watch this if you haven’t yet! 

Family Life

A few of my favorite quotes from this last week:

Isaac:  “Papa was in the army when you were married?” 

Me: “Yes”

Isaac (with awe): “Papa was the chief of all the armies?”


Isaac came up to Elly, and showing her 3 triceratop dinosaur toys, said, “See my dinosaurs.  They are all the same.”  She replied, “Green, black, and red.  That’s not the same!” 


The children have been learning, as all good children do, to climb the bannister.  I usually allow this as long as they don’t climb too high on the outside of the stairs.  One day I discovered Elly had climbed all the way to the top of the stairs on the outside of the bannister.  As a good mother should do, I gave her a decent scolding, and told her that she was not to do that again.  She looked quite confused, then asked, “But, why did they put it there?” 




Isaac: “Mama, I will make all the girls in our family a princess, because you and Elly are princesses!  I will make the princesses for you out of mud.” 

Strength for the Day

Sometimes life just seems overwhelming.  The kids all need Mama all the time.  The home is constantly in need of attention.  I push myself to remember little (and not so little) things, like having good posture, exercising daily, and paying the bills on time.  My husband needs me to encourage him.  Our marriage needs time to be strengthened – Daily!  Sometimes others outside my home demand my attention, taking my energy. 

At those times, I feel like a drained warrior.  Or, as someone else described it, I feel like a little cardboard juice box that everyone has stuck their straw into and sucked until I am flat!

What a blessing to know the Giver of all strength!  No, life hasn’t been easy lately; but overall, it has been a joy.  So, maybe now I need two or even three replenishings of the Word of God in my day in order to keep going.  Is that such a bad thing?  🙂 

The joy of the Lord is your strength – Nehemiah 8:10

Rest in His joy today! 

Josiah Ethan

Ethan is now 10 months old, and such a lively little guy!  It seems as though when he decides to do something new, there is no stopping him.  For instance, he learned to sit by himself in one day.  On that same day, his first tooth broke through his gums.  And on that same day, he fell off the bed three times!  (Thank goodness the bed was practically on the floor already)

Now he is crawling perfectly, pulling himself up on everything in sight, and his last trick – eating at the dinner table.  Although the majority of his food is still Mama’s milk, he does eat a significant amount at the table for breakfast and dinner.  I thought you might enjoy seeing a clip of a little video we shot of him eating.  Enjoy  🙂

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